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13 in 1 Album Making Machine

13 in 1 Album Making Machine

Creasing width :480mm
Creasing paper :400-500g
Trimming thickness:5cm
Trimming width :480mm
Trimming size:530*400*19mm
Pressing heigth :20cm
Temperature range :0-100度
Power supply :AC220V/50HZ
Corner cutter :R3-R10
Album cover size:18inches-24 inches
Edge holding width :670mm
Cover corner cutting size :23mm*5mm
Grooving width: 520mm
Net weigth :405kg
Gross weigth:460kg
Machine size:1060*850*1230mm                   

 Packing size:1240*85*1400mm
Package :Plywood case

13 in 1machine has eleven functions : Creasing ,binding ,heat&cold pressing ,CNC cutting ,corner cutter ,cover making ,edge holding ,cover corner cutting ,grooving and heat trimming .
1.Delicate design for exporting .Multi-dimensional platform can be worked at the same time with high efficiency .Combine electric with pneumatic ,easy operation and make sure the albums without deformation ,tackless and crack
2.Cover making with Trilateral ruler measurement and accurate position
3.The creation of the cover cutter,can help the customers to cut the angle accurately
4.One machine combine making inner sheets with cover of the albums.The CNC cutter with infrared ray to collate and  exquitsite function
5.The creasing knife is aluminium alloy , can be creased with delicate marks and not easy to be broke
6.With cold and heat pressing just up to the customers' demand
7.Grooving ,about temperature ,pressure ,grooving plocation can be adjusted according to the customers
8.Digital temperature control instrument , simple operation and constand temperature automatically ,low cost and maintainance is accepted             
9.Binding with double-side aluminium keep heating and albums are not betransformative